Real-Time PCR

Introducing the latest addition to CCB services, our Real-Time PCR for gene quantification. Firstly introduced in 1992 by Higuchi and his co-workers, the use of RT PCR has increased tremendously since then. As a broadly used tool for measuring gene expression levels, RT PCR basically converts RNA to cDNA by reverse transcription. By this two processes, gene expression and reverse transcription, the RNA transcript levels can be measured tentatively. Being an important appliance in microbial quantification, identifying transgenes in genetically modified food, genotyping, assessing gene copy number in cancer tissue and quantifying viral loads in patient, RT PCR has opened a breakthrough in the field of molecular biology.

RT PCR brings extra advantage to your research due to its ability to measure the amount of the product starting from the exponential phase compared to conventional gel-based RT PCR which only measures product during the plateau phase. With this RT PCR, the amplicon accumulating at every cycle can be monitored easily since the reaction is very specific and precise. Our RT PCR also eliminates the needs to solely analyse the amplicon through gel electrophoresis which is time consuming, poor precision, low specificity and non-automated.

Realising the importance of RT PCR, CCB is now offering this service for all researchers to bring their samples and have a hands on experience in using our RT PCR equipment. Feel free to book our RT-PCR ABI StepOne Plus Real-Time PCR System which is user-friendly yet perfect for beginners and advanced users.

Our facilities offered hands on experience in using our RT-PCR ABI StepOne Plus Real-Time PCR System. Just bring your samples and consumables to CCB and we will assist you.

  • User friendly and new RT PCR equipment
  • We provide assistance and technical support
  • We supply consumables if you don’t have one
  • Well-equipped laboratory to work in
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