Next-Generation Sequencing

Next Generation Sequencing-Based (NGS)

The advance of sequencing technology has revolutionized the discovery in biological sciences. Next generation sequencing-based (NGS) technology allows the rapid output of high volume of data with high sensitivity and high specificity. NGS sequencing can be used for a broad range of applications including whole genome studies, metagenomics surveys on microbiomes in the environment and transcriptome profiling.

CCB has now extended our DNA sequencing service to NGS services as well. Currently CCB is offering complete NGS sequencing solutions, from library preparation to advanced bioinformatics analysis, for whole-genome sequencing, metagenomics sequencing (whole-genome and amplicon-based) and RNA sequencing.


CCB would like to inspire a great success for NGS projects to all researchers out there! Hence, grab the chance to experience our Free great consultation on your samples, experimental design, sample preparation and sequencing advices from our expertise!
As the Malaysia’s leading research in genomic and chemical biology, you may find what you need from the best. We wish to provide you the best advices for your future successful project! Kindly fill in the enquiry form for us the options we may offer you! Get in touch with our services team at or for further inquiries.


We are now offering 6 packages which may suit your research needs;

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CCB would offer you three types of NGS services;



Features of NGS Runs Available in CCB



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Talk to us to decide on the best option to run your sample!

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The end-to-end solution for all NGS packages will take us 10-12 weeks for up to 12 samples.

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