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Intra- and Interspecific Variation in Sexual Dimorphism Patterns of MudCrab Genus Scylla Along the Equatorial Region
Waiho, K., Ikhwanuddin, M., Abualreesh, M.H., Shu-Chien, A.C., Ishak, S.D., Jalilah, M., Azmie, G.,Waiho, K., Ikhwanuddin, M., Abualreesh, M.H., Shu-Chien, A.C., Ishak, S.D., Jalilah, M., Azmie, G.,Fazhan, H.
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Comparative transcriptome profiling of horseshoe crab Tachypleus gigas hemocytes in response to lipopolysaccharides
Sarmiento, M.E., Chin, K.L., Lau, N.S., Aziah, I., Ismail, N., Norazmi, M.N., Acosta, A., Yaacob, N.S.
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Enhancing yeast growth with carboxylates under multiple nutrient limitations
Yusof, T.Y., Lian, M.Q., Ong, E.B.B., Teh, A.-H.
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Genetic incorporation of oil-utilizing ability in Cupriavidus malaysiensis USMAA2-4 for sustainable polyhydroxyalkanoates production from palm olein and 1-pentanol
Jeremy Wong, H.S., Huong, K.H., Shafie, N.A.H., Amirul, A.-A.A.
(2021) Journal of Biotechnology, 337, pp. 71-79.

Surface characterization and physiochemical evaluation of p(3HB-co-4HB)-collagen peptide scaffolds with silver sulfadiazine as antimicrobial agent for potential infection-resistance biomaterial
Vigneswari, S., Gurusamy, T.P., Khairul, W.M., Abdul Khalil, H.P.S., Ramakrishna, S., Amirul, A.-A.A.
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Long-Read Sequencing Reveals the Repertoire of Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Biosynthetic Genes in the Purple Land Crab, Gecarcoidea lalandii (H. Milne Edwards, 1837)
Ting, S.Y., Lau, N.-S., Sam, K.-K., Quah, E.S.H., Ahmad, A.B., Mat-Isa, M.-N., Shu-Chien, A.C.
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Essential semiconductor films in micro-/nano-biosensors: Current scenarios
Gopinath, S.C.B., Ramanathan, S., Yasin, M.N.M., Shapiai, M.I., Ismail, Z.H., Subramaniam, S.
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Cuticle thickening associated with fenitrothion and imidacloprid resistance and influence of voltage-gated sodium channel mutations on pyrethroid resistance in the tropical bed bug, Cimex hemipterus
Soh, L.-S., Veera Singham, G.
(2021) Pest Management Science,

Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) copolymer synthesis by using 1-pentanol and oleic acid: Process optimization and polymer characterization
Shantini, K., Azami, N.A., Kai-Hee, H., Yahya, A.R.M., Amirul, A.A.
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Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of pmdc140 plasmid containing the wheatwin2 gene into the tadong rice genome
Chong, E.T.J., Wong, J.J., Aziz, Z.A., Tan, C.L., Subramaniam, S., Latip, M.A., Lee, P.-C.
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Preparation, characterization and biodegradation of blend films of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) with natural biopolymers
Syahirah, W.N., Azami, N.A., Huong, K.-H., Amirul, A.A.
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Chromosomal sex determination system in brachyurans and its potential application in aquaculture
Waiho, K., Fazhan, H., Ikhwanuddin, M., Quinitio, E.T., Baylon, J.C., Shu-Chien, A.C., Liew, H.J., Afiqah-Aleng, N., Ma, H.
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P(3HB-co-4HB) as high value polyhydroxyalkanoate: its development over recent decades andcurrent advances
Huong, K.-H., Sevakumaran, V., Amirul, A.A.
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Mitochondrial DNA sequence of the horseshoe crab Tachypleus gigas
Sarmiento, M.E., Chin, K.L., Lau, N.S., Aziah, I., Norazmi, M.N., Acosta, A., Ismail, N., Yaacob, N.S.
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Complete Mitochondrial Genomes of Paedocypris micromegethes and Paedocypris carbunculus Reveal Conserved Gene Order and Phylogenetic Relationships of Miniaturized Cyprinids
Sam, K.-K., Lau, N.-S., Shu-Chien, A.C., Muchlisin, Z.A., Nugroho, R.A.
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Natural compound 3β,7β,25-trihydroxycucurbita-5,23(E)-dien-19-al from momordica charantia acts aspparγ ligand
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Biosorption of a dye and heavy metals using dead cells of filamentous bacterium, Aureispira sp.CCB-QB1
Hasyimah, N.A.R., Furusawa, G., Amirul, A.A.
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Regeneration and micropropagation of Meyer lemon (Citrus x meyeri) supported by polymorphism analysis via molecular markers
Haradzi, N.A., Khor, S.P., Subramaniam, S., Chew, B.L.
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In vitro anti-breast cancer studies of LED red light therapy through autophagy
Yang, K.L., Khoo, B.Y., Ong, M.T., Yoong, I.C.K., Sreeramanan, S.
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Efficient callus induction and plant regeneration of Malaysian indica rice MR219 using anther culture
Rahman, Z.A., Seman, Z.A., Othman, A.N., Ab Ghaffar, M.B., Razak, S.A., Mohd Yusof, M.F., Nasir, K.H., Ahmad, K., Chow, Y.L., Subramaniam, S.
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Protocorm-like bodies (PLBs) of Dendrobium Sabin Blue: a novel source for in vitro production of dendrobine and anthocyanin
Chin, C.K., Stanly, C., Muniandy, A., Ramanathan, S., Murugaiyah, V., Chew, B.L., Subramaniam, S.
(2021) In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology - Plant, .

Dual-production of polyhydroxyalkanoate and rhamnolipid by pseudomonas aeruginosa umtkb-5 using industrial by-products 
Rashid, N.F.M., Amelia, T.S.M., Amirul, A.-A.A., Bhubalan, K.
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Multifaceted interactions between the pseudomonads and insects: mechanisms and prospects
Teoh, M.-C., Furusawa, G., Veera Singham, G.
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Metabolic strategies of dormancy of a marine bacterium Microbulbifer aggregans CCB-MM1: Its alternative electron transfer chain and sulfate-reducing pathway
Furusawa, G., Diyana, T., Lau, N.-S.
(2021) Genomics, . 

Preliminary study on serum immunoglobulin G responses following intramuscular inoculation of adjuvanted polyhydroxyalkanoate microparticles with Pasteurella multocida vaccine in white rats
Mohamed, S., May Amelia, T.S., Abdullah Amirul, A.-A., Abdul Wahid, M.E., Bhubalan, K.
(2021) Biologicals, . 

Transformation of biowaste for medical applications: Incorporation of biologically derived silver nanoparticles as antimicrobial coating
Vigneswari, S., Amelia, T.S.M., Hazwan, M.H., Mouriya, G.K., Bhubalan, K., Amirul, A.-A.A., Ramakrishna, S.
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Genes for degradation and utilization of uronic acid-containing polysaccharides of a marine bacterium Catenovulum sp. CCB-QB4
Furusawa, G., Azami, N.A., Teh, A.-H.
(2021) PeerJ, 9, art. no. 10929, .

Modified basal culture medium improves proliferation of Dendrobium Sabin Blue’s protocorm-like bodies (PLBs)
Chin, C.K., Stanly, C., Chew, B.L., Subramaniam, S.
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Synthesis, Structural Analysis and Antibacterial Studies of Bis- and Open Chain Tetra-N-Heterocyclic Carbene Dinuclear Silver(I) Complexes
Haziz, U.F.M., Haque, R.A., Amirul, A.A., Razali, M.R.
(2021) Journal of Molecular Structure, 1236, art. no. 130301, . 


Synergistic effect of microbial and nonmicrobial biostimulants on growth, yield, and nutritional quality of organic tomato
Md. Nasir Hossain SaniMd. Nazrul IslamJasim UddainMd. Shah Newaz ChowdhurySreeramanan Subramaniam,
(2020) Crops Science, 60(9), pp. 2102-2114.

Effect of different LED lights spectrum on the in vitro germination of gac seed (Momordica cochinchinensis)
Chew Hong Lim, Toh Sin Guan, Eyu Chan Hong, Yeow Lit Chow, Chew Bee Lynn, Sreeramanan S.
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Momordica cochinchinensis Spreng (Gac fruit): An abundant source of nutrient, phytochemicals and its pharmacological activities
Priscilla Jayanthi Thavamany, Hong Lim Chew, Sreeramanan S., Bee Lynn Chew, Ming-Thong Ong
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Elucidation of Antimicrobial Silver Sulfadiazine (SSD) Blend/Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate-co-4-Hydroxybutyrate) Immobilised with Collagen Peptide as Potential Biomaterial
Sevakumaran VigneswariTana Poorani GurusamyH. P. S. Abdul KhalilSeeram RamakrishnaAl-Ashraf Abdullah Amirul
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Scanning electron microscopy and histological analyses of Ficus carica L. cv. Balck Jack

Han, K. Y., Hong, E. C., Lynn, C. B. and Subramaniam, S.
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Elucidating the Surface Functionality of Biomimetic RGD Peptides Immobilized on Nano-P(3HB-co-4HB) for H9c2 Myoblast Cell Proliferation

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Structural basis for binding uronic acids by family 32 carbohydrate-binding modules

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Mononuclear silver(I)-N-heterocyclic carbene complexes with benzimidazole-2-ylidene ligands: synthesis, crystal structure analyses and comparative antibacterial studies
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Influences of Exposure Time and Mortality, Assessment Interval on Bioassay Results of Insecticide-Resistant Tropical Bed Bugs (Hemiptera: Cimicidae)
Leong, X.-Y., Singham, G.V., Shu-Chien, A.C., Doggett, S.L., Lee, C.-Y.,,
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Biosorption of a dye and heavy metals using dead cells of filamentous bacterium, Aureispira sp. CCB-QB1

Hasyimah, N.A.R.Furusawa, G.Amirul, A.A.,
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Morphological abnormalities in caddisfly larvae (Hydropsyche doctersi) as indicator of water quality in tropical rivers
Ab Hamid, S., Mohd Afandi, M.F.S., Ganesan, V.S.A.L.K., Hashim, N.A., Al-Shami, S.A.,
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Complete repertoire of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids biosynthesis enzymes in a cyprinid, silver barb (Barbonymus gonionotus): Cloning, functional characterization and dietary regulation of Elovl2 and Elovl4

Janaranjani, M., Shu-Chien, A.C.
(2020) Aquaculture Nutrition,

In vitro screening of calli and evaluation their physiological states for the enhancement of regeneration efficiency in various potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) genotypes
Harun-Or-Rashid, M., Islam, S.M.S., Miah, M.A.B., Subramaniam, S.
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Insights into DEPTOR regulation from in silico analysis of DEPTOR complexes
Teh, A.-H., Yeap, K.-H., Hisano, T.
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Infestation Pattern and Population Dynamics of theInfestation Pattern and Population Dynamics of theTropical Bed Bug, Cimex hemipterus (F.) (Hemiptera:Cimicidae) Based on Novel Microsatellites andmtDNA Markers
Wan Nur Fatanah Wan Mohammad, Li-Shen Soh, Wan Nurainie Wan Ismail, G. Veera Singham
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Complete mitogenome of Uca rosea and Uca paradussumieri, and their implications in evolution history of fiddler crab in Ocypodidae
Ting, S.Y., Lau, N.-S., Shu-Chien, A.C.
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Droplet-vitrification of Aranda Broga Blue orchid: Role of ascorbic acid on the antioxidant system and genetic fidelity assessments via RAPD and SCoT markers
Khor, S.P., Yeow, L.C., Poobathy, R., Zakaria, R., Chew, B.L., Subramaniam, S.
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Two Elongases, Elovl4 and Elovl6, Fulfill the Elongation Routes of the LC-PUFA Biosynthesis Pathway in the Orange Mud Crab (Scylla olivacea)
Ting, S.Y., Janaranjani, M., Merosha, P., Sam, K.-K., Wong, S.C., Goh, P.-T., Mah, M.-Q., Kuah, M.-K., Chong Shu-Chien, A. 
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Performance of commercial insecticide formulations against different developmental stages of insecticide-resistant tropical bed bugs (Hemiptera: Cimicidae)
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Crystal structure of a neoagarobiose-producing GH16 family β-agarase from Persicobacter sp. CCB-QB2
Teh, A.-H., Fazli, N.H., Furusawa, G. 
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Functional characterisation of fatty acyl desaturase, Fads2, and elongase, Elovl5, in the Boddart's goggle-eyed goby Boleophthalmus boddarti (Gobiidae) suggests an incapacity for long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid biosynthesis
Soo, H.-J., Sam, K.K., Chong, J., Lau, N.-S., Ting, S.Y., Kuah, M.-K., Kwang, S.Y., Ranjani, M., Shu-Chien, A.C. 
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The requirements for sterol regulatory element-binding protein (Srebp) and stimulatory protein 1 (Sp1)-binding elements in the transcriptional activation of two freshwater fish Channa striata and Danio rerio elovl5 elongase
Goh, P.-T., Kuah, M.-K., Chew, Y.-S., Teh, H.-Y., Shu-Chien, A.C. 
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The establishment of callus and cell suspension cultures of Hylocereus costaricensis for the production of betalain pigments with antioxidant potential
Winson, K.W.S., Chew, B.L., Sathasivam, K., Subramaniam, S.
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Elevation of secondary metabolites production through light-emitting diodes (LEDs) illumination in protocorm-like bodies (PLBs) of Dendrobium hybrid orchid rich in phytochemicals with therapeutic effects
Yeow, L.C., Chew, B.L., Sreeramanan, S.
(2020) Biotechnology Reports, 27, art. no. e00497,

Development of plantlet regeneration pathway using in vitro leaf of Ficus carica L. cv. Panachee supported with histological analysis
Chan Hong, E., Lynn, C.B., Subramaniam, S.
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Metagenomic data on bacterial diversity profiling of high-microbial-abundance tropical marine sponges Aaptos aaptos and Xestospongia muta from waters off terengganu, South China Sea
Amelia, T.S.M., Lau, N.-S., Amirul, A.-A.A., Bhubalan, K.
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In vitro anti-breast cancer studies of LED red light therapy through autophagy
Yang, K.L., Khoo, B.Y., Ong, M.T., Yoong, I.C.K., Sreeramanan, S.
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Preparation, characterization and biodegradation of blend films of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) with natural biopolymers
Syahirah, W.N., Azami, N.A., Huong, K.-H., Amirul, A.A.
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Impact of application of Trichoderma and biochar on growth, productivity and nutritional quality of tomato under reduced N-P-K fertilization
Sani, M.N.H., Hasan, M., Uddain, J., Subramaniam, S.
(2020) Annals of Agricultural Sciences,


Designing Novel Interfaces Via Surface Functionalization Of Short-Chain-Length Polyhydroxyalkanoates 
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Purification and characterization of new bio-plastic degrading enzyme from Burkholderia cepacia DP1 
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High PHA density fed-batch cultivation strategies for 4HB-rich P(3HB-co-4HB) copolymer production
by transformant Cupriavidus malaysiensis USMAA1020 
Norhafini, H., Huong, K.-H., Amirul, A.A. 
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Biochemical Characterization of Thermostable and Detergent-Tolerant β-Agarase, PdAgaC, from 
Persicobacter sp. CCB-QB2 
Hafizah, N.F., Teh, A.-H., Furusawa, G. 
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The effect of short alkane bridges in stability of bisbenzimidazole-2-ylidene silver(I) complexes: synthesis, crystal structure and antibacterial activity 
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Circadian rhythms in insecticide susceptibility, metabolic enzyme activity, and gene expression
in Cimex lectularius (Hemiptera: Cimicidae)Cimex lectularius (Hemiptera: Cimicidae)

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Molecular cloning, phylogenetic analysis and functional characterisation of an Elovl7-like elongase
from a marine crustacean, the orange mud crab (Scylla olivacea)
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Genomic analysis of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strain SO-1977 froSudan
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Crystal Structure And Epitope Analysis Of House Dust Mite Allergen Der F 21
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Diversity And Coding Potential Of The Microbiota In The Photic And Aphotic Zones Of Tropical Man-Made Lake
With Intensive Aquaculture Activities: A Case Study On Temengor Lake, Malaysia
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Identification and characterization of jasmonic acid- and linolenic acid-mediated transcriptional regulation of secondary laticifer differentiation in Hevea brasiliensis
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Draft genome sequence of the halophilic Pararhodobacter-like strain CCB-MM2, which has polyhydroxyalkanoate-synthesizing potential
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Single-nucleotide polymorphism markers within MVA and MEP pathways among Hevea brasiliensis clones through transcriptomic analysis
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Effects of plant growth regulators and activated charcoal on somaclonal variations of protocorm-like bodies (PLBs) of Dendrobium Sabin Blue orchid
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Black sea cucumber (: Holothuria atra Jaeger, 1833) rescues Pseudomonas aeruginosa-infected Caenorhabditis elegans via reduction of pathogen virulence factors and enhancement of host immunity
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Crystal structure and functional analysis of human C1ORF123 
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Cupriavidus Malaysiensis Sp. Nov., A Novel Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate-Co-4-Hydroxybutyrate) Accumulating Bacterium Isolated From The Malaysian Environment 
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Correction to: Cupriavidus malaysiensis sp. nov., a novel poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-4-hydroxybutyrate)
accumulating bacterium isolated from the Malaysian environment (Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, (2018), 
111, 3, (361-372), 10.1007/s10482-017-0958-8) 
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Production of high molecular weight poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-4-hydroxybutyrate) copolymer by
Cupriavidus malaysiensis USMAA1020 utilising substrate with longer carbon chain 
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Metagenomic insights into the phylogenetic and functional profiles of soil microbiome from a managed
mangrove in Malaysia 
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Modelling of polyhydroxyalkanoate synthase from Aquitalea sp. USM4 suggests a novel mechanism for
polymer elongation
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Morphometric variation and genetic relationship of coptotermes spp. (Blattodea: Rhinotermitidae)
in Sarawak, Malaysia
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